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  October 2014  
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HHS Weekly Newsletter Oct 28

Thursday, October 30

  • SGA is sponsoring costume day Thursday, October 30th.  Students may purchase costume day tickets from Mrs. Baker in Room 314, Mrs. Witt in Room 505, or Mrs. Alvarez in the media center. The cost of a ticket is $1.00.    No masks or full face paint will be allowed. Costumes must be dress code appropriate, and no masks or full face paint will be allowed.

Friday, October 31

At this week’s Hartsville-Darlington varsity football game in Darlington on Friday night, as well as the Hartsville-Darlington junior varsity football game in Hartsville on Thursday night, no one wearing a Halloween costume, mask, cape, full face painting, or carrying anything related to Halloween will be admitted inside the stadium or allowed on the stadium premises.


For Friday night’s game, Darlington High School’s stadium rules are very similar to what we have at Kelleytown Stadium, so everyone should be accustomed to those game management policies and procedures.


When our Red Foxes go to Darlington on Friday night, we’d like to have a big crowd there to cheer for our team and help them win.  We do not need to cheer against our opponents, or do anything that is disrespectful towards them . . . we can support our team without doing that.  We know that our football team will represent us well, and we want to be sure that everyone from Hartsville conducts themselves in a first-class manner, with good sportsmanship being our top priority.   Those who wish to go onto the field after the game to participate in our traditional post-game comments by Coach Calabrese and speak with our players should enter the field through the gate at the scoreboard end of the stadium, stay on our side of the 50 yard line, and not approach any Darlington players or fans.  We appreciate your cooperation in contributing in a positive manner to what will be a great high school football environment.
                       Dr. Burry

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