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Thank you for visiting my page. 

This is my 10th year of teaching, with this being my 7th year at Hartsville High School. I have taught 9 years at the high school level.

I am the Teacher of the Year for 2017-2018. GO RED FOXES!

Link Information
1) Calendar - will list homework, projects, quizzes, and test dates.
2) Algebra 1 17-18 - this is where my syballus, parent letter, completed notes, review sheets, and any other important information posted. It will be organized by folders.
3) Schoology - this is the platform our school is using to help with communication and submitting some assignments. Homework videos, completed notes, review sheets, and any other information that I give will be posted here. This is used more than this web page. They must have their login information I give them. This is the same for ALL classes.
4) Remind - please sign up. I send homework reminders EVERY night. I will also send reminders about upcoming test and quiz dates. This can be done with your phone (will send info as a text) or can sign up online.
If you have remind, please add my class (through web page):

1st Period: @goffalg1
2nd Period: @goffalg2

4th Period: @goffalg4
5th Period: @goffalg5
6th Period/7th Period: @goffalg6

To add remind through text:
1st Period: text 81010     message: @goffalg1
2nd Period: text 81010     message: @goffalg2

4th Period: text 81010     message: @goffalg4
5th Period: text 81010     message: @goffalg5
6th Period/7th Perod: text 81010     message: @goffalg6

5) Algebra 1 Text Book - uses internet. This is the book we use in class. This way they do NOT have to carry their books around. They must have their login information I give them.

My schedule:

1st: Algebra 1

2nd: Algebra 1

3rd:  Planning

4th: Algebra 1

5th: Algebra 1

6th/7th: Intro to Algebra 1st semester     Algebra 1 2nd semester.

Remember tutoring is Mon, Wed, 

and Thurs from 3:15 - 3:40.

Remember we will NOT allow you 

in after 3:20 unless you have a