HHS Foreign Language Department Grading Policy

HHS Foreign Language Department Grading Policy



Extra credit is not part of the planned curriculum.  Opportunities to earn extra credit may be earned periodically as a reward.

·      Homework will be given and is checked every time given.

·      Homework may be written or may be a simple study/review assignment.

·      Multiple quizzes/daily assignments are given each week. 

·      A chapter/unit assessment is given at the end of each chapter/unit.


·      There will be a minimum number of the following assignments per nine weeks that will count as follows:

o   Major grades = Tests/Performance tasks/Unit assessments (min. 3)---------------40%

o   Daily grades = Homework/classwork/participation (min. 10)---------------------------30%

o   Minor grades = Quizzes/Interim assessments/Oral readings (min. 5)---------------25%

o   Projects (min. 1)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5%


·      Total course grade:            


First semester average-------------40% (quarters 1 & 2 count 45% each + midterm exam counts 10%)

Second semester average---------40% (quarters 3 & 4 count 50% each)

            Cumulative final exam---------------20%

A retake policy is being utilized for students with Ds (60-69) and Fs (59 or below), in order to extend an opportunity for these students to bring their grade up to a 70.  Your student will receive the policy for each teacher on their class syllabus/guidebook.  There is a standard policy for all students, with room for individual teachers to make minor adjustments for their preferences.  Please ask your student's teacher or refer to their guidebook for the specific policy.  

Quiz/Test Retake Policy for All French Classes


·       Students can only score a 70 on the retake.

·       Students can only retake a quiz/test if they scored a 69 or below. 

·       The retake grade will replace the first grade in the grade book.  If the retake is lower than the original grade, the highest of the two will count.

·       Retaking applies only to quizzes and major tests.

·       Students can retake TWO times per quarter---ONE test and ONE quiz.

·       Retakes must be taken within 5 school days of grade being entered into PowerSchool or the grade being returned to the student in class.

·       Students must come during regular make-up work times to retake a quiz/test.  No retakes will be done in class.

·       This does not apply to missed homework/classwork, assignments graded only on completion, classwork or homework graded for correctness, or projects.

·       Points deducted for turning in an original assignment late will still be deducted from the retake grade. 

·       Teachers can use the same assessment or a different version of the assessment.  Students are not guaranteed that they will receive an identical retake assessment.