Family & Consumer Sciences
Family & Consumer Sciences is a multidisciplinary subject area that allows students to learn about social sciences and service related fields. Courses allow students to apply classroom based learning with a hands on lab based approach. Family & Consumer Sciences serves students that will plan to major in one of the component areas while pursuing an advanced education after high school or the student that would like to enter the workforce right after high school in a field that they have already built some level of skill in while taking high school level courses.

Here at Hartsville High School, students have the option to learn about the education of young children or nutrition and foods. Students that choose to learn about the education of young children select the preparatory course, Child Development I in their freshman or sophomore year. They can then advance their studies by enrolling in Early Childhood Education I their junior year & complete the capstone Early Childhood Education II their senior year.

Students that choose to learn more about nutrition & foods or a career in dietetics enroll in Foods & Nutrition I during their freshman and sophomore years and later enroll in Foods & Nutrition II their senior year for the purpose of advanced studies.

If you are thinking about a career in the Education or the Nutritional Management Industry, Family & Consumer Sciences is the subject area for you!