English IV

English IV

Mrs. Burchfield


 Fall 2017

Dear Parent:

I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with your student this year in English IV. I will make every effort to help your student be successful in this course. Here are some tips to ensure your child’s success.

Students should attend class regularly. A worksheet or someone's notes cannot compare to actively participating in the lesson in person. In the event that the student is absent, it is the student's responsibility to see me to get the make-up work. Students are welcome to stay after school to get make-up work when necessary. Students are also expected to call the homework hotline to get the assignments when absent (857-3720).

Students should keep up with all assignment deadlines (i.e. classwork, homework, projects, essays, and tests). Grade categories will be delineated as follows: 20% literature, 20% informational texts, 15% writing/communication, 10% research/inquiry-based literature, 10%. vocabulary, 10% editing/revising, and 15% summative assessment.

One way to improve grades is to come prepared to class each day (homework, paper, pens, books, notebook, and handouts). Preparing at home, listening in class, and taking good class notes will be essential to understanding the lessons.

Handouts and class notes are to be kept together in one section of a notebook and should be brought to class every day. Extra copies of handouts will not be given should the student fail to keep up with them. Students will have a notebook check at the end of each nine-weeks grading period. This will count as a test grade.

Thank you for your interest in your child’s education. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns (857-3720) during the school year. (Reminder: This number is also the homework hotline if students are uncertain about an assignment.)


Ashley C. Burchfield

Classroom Rules

  1. Keep the learning continuous.   2. Bring supplies and a positive attitude.   3. Listen and follow directions the first time. 4. Be courteous and show respect for teachers, students, and school property at all times.  5. Clean up your own mess.

Consequences of Breaking the Rules

  1. Warning (group or individual) 2. Extra Writing Assignment 3. Lunch Detention   4.After-School Meeting  5.Referral

Rewards for Good Behavior

  1. Pride  2. Extra Privileges

Major Units for English IV
 Major units of study include the following: Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, Medieval Ballads, Hamlet, Renaissance Poetry, “A Modest Proposal,” Romantic Poetry, The Importance of Being Earnest,  Nonfiction, and Grammar.
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