Fine Arts
Ms. Jennifer Pietrzak
Mr. Jaron Sanders

HHS Red Regime
Director: Mr. Cameron Watkins
HHS Chorus
Director: Dr. James Beaumier
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Chorus Classes:
Chorus I Beginning Chorus (open to all) (9-12)
Chorus II Freshmen Select Chorus (open to Pre-IB, HMS Magnet) (9)
Chorus III Red Fox Chorus (instructor permission) (10-12)
Chorus IV--Honors HHS Singers (instructor permission) (10-12)

HHS Orchestra
Director: Ms. Rosa Kelly
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Orchestra Classes:  (all classes instructor permission)
Orchestra I (9-12)
Orchestra II (10-12)
Orchestra III--Honors (11-12)
Orchestra IV--Honors (12)

Instructor:  Dr. James Beaumier
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IB/Advanced Music SL I-II (11-12)
IB/Advanced Music HL I-II (11-12)
Music Appreciation (9-12)

Accelerated Learning Opportunities offered through PULSE at Coker College
Students make take classes in the Arts for dual credit (Coker College credit and HHS credit)

For general information

For specific information please see Dr. Beaumier.
Music classes offered in the fall of 2014 include:
Class Voice (T/TH 3:30-4:20)
Class Piano (T/TH 3:30-4:20)
Applied Voice, Appled Piano (Meeting TBA) (Audition required/weekly masterclass required)
Foundational Skills in Music (M/W 3-3:50) (Music Theory)