Fine Arts
Ms. Jennifer Pietrzak
Mr. Jaron Sanders

HHS Red Regime
Director: Mr. Cameron Watkins
HHS Chorus
Director: Dr. James Beaumier
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Chorus Classes:
Chorus I Beginning Chorus (open to all) (9-12)
Chorus II Freshmen Select Chorus (open to Pre-IB, HMS Magnet) (9)
Chorus III Red Fox Chorus (instructor permission) (10-12)
Chorus IV--Honors HHS Singers (instructor permission) (10-12)

HHS Orchestra
Director: Andrew Preston

Orchestra Classes:  (all classes instructor permission)
Orchestra I (9-12)
Orchestra II (10-12)
Orchestra III--Honors (11-12)
Orchestra IV--Honors (12)

Instructor:  Dr. James Beaumier
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IB/Advanced Music SL I-II (11-12)
IB/Advanced Music HL I-II (11-12)
Music Appreciation (9-12)

Accelerated Learning Opportunities offered through PULSE at Coker College
Students make take classes in the Arts for dual credit (Coker College credit and HHS credit)

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