Beginning Choir (Chorus I) is open to all students who have an interest in singing.  This class will allow a student to receive a Fine Arts credit (to be used towards graduation) and for some students it will be a prerequisite for another choir.

Freshmen Select (Chorus II) is open by permission or audition.  It is designed for 9th grade students who have been a part of the HMS Magnet Chorus program, are Pre-IB Music students, or who have a similar background in music.  In this class students will learn to sight read vocal music (both pitch and rhythm), will learn sing well (diction, blend, balance, vocal technique, breathing, etc.), and will learn the discipline necessary to become a part of one of the upper choirs.  Students in the class are encouraged to participated in the PULSE program.  This class is a prerequisite for either Red Fox or HHS Singers.

Red Fox choir (Chorus III) is open by permission or audition.  It is for students who have completed one year in chorus and who read music and well understand vocal technique.  This chorus will sing in several competitions and participate in a combined choir with an orchestra in the spring.  Students will be encouraged to audition for All-State choir.  Participants may Letter in Choir if they sing in one of the upper choirs for two years, sing in a combined choir concert and audition for All-State.

HHS Singers (Chorus IV) Advanced, Honors choir is open only by permission and audition.  This class is for the elite vocal students at Hartsville High School and every member received honors credit.  Students who are selected for this choir read music well, have good vocal skills and are dedicated, hard-working musicians.  This chorus will sing in a number of competitions, participate in a combined choir with orchestra in the spring, and every member will audition for All-State.  (In 2013 100% of HHS Singers were "called back" for the second round of singing.)  Every student will study voice privately (either through Coker's PULSE program or with the instructor).  Participants in HHS Singers will earn a Choir Letter.