Foreign Languages

Hartsville High School Foreign Language Department

Mr. Oscar Betancur - Spanish
Mr. Angel Moronta - Spanish
Ms. Brandi Stewart - Spanish

Mrs. Christy Burgess - French

 Mr. Zheng Cui- Mandarin Chinese

Departmental Class Schedule








1st period


2nd period


3rd period


4th period

5th period

6th period

7th period



The Foreign Language Department of Hartsville High School believes that at the end of his/her language studies a student should be expected to be able to:
  1. communicate at the beginning benchmark in oral, aural, and written speech after two courses of language study.
  2. communicate at the developing benchmark in oral, aural, and written speech after three  or four courses of language study.
  3. show evidence of cultural knowledge by knowing how, when, and why to say what to whom.
  4. compare language, social behaviors and cultural views to observe and analyze their own society and language and to develop insight into their own culture and language.
  5. connect with other disciplines to acquire information and concepts that will facilitate their continued learning across the curriculum.
  6. realize and understand the interdependence of people throughout the world.

"The more languages you know,
the more of a person you are." 
-European Commission