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To sign up for your teacher's messages via text, you need to ask for his or her Remind class code.

Mrs. C. Burgess’ French class codes:

French I:                     @mrscburg1

French II:                   @mrscburg2

French III:                  @mrscburg3

French IB1:                @mrsburgib1

French IB2:                @mrsburgib2

HHS French Club:      @mrscburgfr

HHS Modern Language Honor Society:    @mrsbmlhs

You have the option to receive messages via the app, text, email, such notifications or all four.  TEXT is the easiest and preferred method.  


Sign up via text:    To sign up for your teacher's messages via text, you need the Remind class code.

            Text the class code to the class phone number--- 81010.

            For example, if the class code is "@math" and the phone number is 81010, you would send the text message:


to the phone number   81010 

            Download the app:   
Download the app from the iTunes app store or the   Google Play store.

            After creating an account you will be prompted to join your first class. Enter the class code there or search for your teacher's class.

            If you need to join other classes:  moving forward, Tap the “Classes” tab, then the (+) next to "Classes I've Joined."

            Sign up via email:  
Send a blank email to:  "classcode"

            Just as in the example above, if the class code were "math," you would send a blank email to:   (leave the @ off at the beginning of the code)

Get push notifications on your smartphone:    Open your web browser and go to the website for your class.  

The website is: (class code without the @)  

For example, French I's site is  

Go to  the site for the group you want to join.  

Follow the instructions to sign up.  You'll be prompted give your information and to download the mobile app.