HHS Foreign Language Department Grading Policy

HHS Foreign Language Department Grading Policy



***Extra credit is not part of the planned curriculum.  Opportunities to earn extra credit may be earned periodically as a reward.

·      Homework is given multiple days a week and is checked every time given.

·      Homework may be written or may be a simple study/review assignment.

·      Multiple quizzes/daily assignments are given each week. 

·      A chapter/unit assessment is given at the end of each chapter/unit.


·      There will be a minimum number of the following assignments per nine weeks that will count as follows:

o   Major grades = Tests/Performance tasks/Unit assessments (min. 3)---------------35%

o   Daily grades = Homework/classwork/participation (min. 10)---------------------------35%

o   Minor grades = Quizzes/Interim assessments/Oral readings (min. 5)---------------20%

o   Projects (min. 1)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10%


·      Total course grade:            


First semester average-------------40% (quarters 1 & 2 count 45% each + midterm exam counts 10%)

Second semester average---------40% (quarters 3 & 4 count 50% each)

            Cumulative final exam---------------20%