Mr. Angel Moronta

Hello My Name Is...

Angel Moronta


    I am originally from Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela.  I graduated from Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador in 2006 and earned my master’s degree in 2011. I travelled to the US as part of the International Visitors Leadership Program in 2010. Eventually I took an online course with Oregon University on Critical Thinking and completedd short-term studies on management. I'm currently enrolled in a PhD program with FUNIBER (Iberoamerican University Foundation). I’m in the US as part of a cultural exchange program. I got married to Yulimar Marcano in 2008 and we have a six-year-old son, Benjamin. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, writing, listening to music and learning about cultural diversity.

    I enjoy teaching both English and Spanish because I love to see students’ progress from knowing little or nothing about these languages to being able to have a basic conversation in the language and while learning the language also recognize the value of respect towards different world views.  My favorite activities for students are those in which they can use language actively through material they are familiar with in order to write, read and have conversations while learning about other cultures.  I am particularly excited about using new apps for learning and the endless opportunities for intercultural learning ahead.