Alvarez, Days

Mrs. Alvarez & Mrs. Days


Mrs. Alvarez taught English at Hartsville High for a decade before becoming a library media specialist in August 2010.  This is her fifth year as Hartsville High's library media specialist.  Her favorite novels are The Picture of Dorian Gray, Jude, and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  

If you need to call Mrs. Alvarez, her number is 843.857.3702.  If you need to email Mrs. Alvarez, her address is  

Mrs. Days has worked in the Hartsville High Library Media Center since 1994.  Mrs. Days' favorite novel is Fake ID.

If you need to call Mrs. Days, her number is 843.857.3701.  If you need to email Mrs. Days, her address is

Every year, they love seeing new faces in the library media center, and they are excited about helping students discover or rekindle the joys of reading and learning!