Alg. III syllabus
Course Syllabus Christina Amerson – Room 212 
Alg. III
2017-2018 Planning: 6th    Phone: 843-857-3747

I look forward to working with you this year!  My main goal is to strengthen the necessary background mathematical knowledge and skills from past courses to help you be more successful with the content of material in your first year in college mathematics.  Topics we will go over in this course include: polynomials, factoring, rational expressions and related equations, radicals, quadratic formula, complex numbers, graphing and applications, real world situations using exponential growth and decay, conversion in real world situations, and statistics. I hope you are excited and ready to begin this math journey!

Attendance and Make-up Work
It is important for you to be in class!  Your success depends on your attendance and your grade in this class.  Don’t forget that you are only allowed to miss 10 days in this class.  
SATURDAY SCHOOL - Make sure you make every effort to go to SATURDAY SCHOOL if you are over your days.  Each Saturday School cost $5 per class period. Therefore, if you attend one Saturday school for ten missed absences you will pay $50. You may only make up 4 absences per class period. They will be held on Saturday’s May 5, May 12 from 8:00 am to 4:50 pm, and Saturday May 19 from 8:00 am to 3:10 pm. 
MAKE-UP WORK - If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up your work within 5 school days.  If your work is not made up within 5 days a zero will be given unless we have worked out other arrangements. You will be held accountable for all announced assignments, quizzes, and tests on the day following an absence unless other arrangements are made with the teacher. 
1 ½ inch 3 Ring Binder with pockets 
Pencils, Pens, and Highlighters. 
o All graded assignments should be done in pencil. However, notes may be taken in pen and highlighting certain things will be asked. 
 We will use the TI-83/TI-84 Plus graphing calculator in class.  If you are able to purchase your own, I suggest the TI-84 Plus or the TI-Inspire. This will help you tremendously while you practice at home, and with your future math courses at the next level.  

      A        90 - 100 Tests - 40%
          B        80 - 89    Quizzes – 30%
          C        70 - 79 Class Work/Bell Work  - 20%
          D       60 – 69 Homework and Participation - 10%
          F        0 - 59           Midterm - 10% of first semester
Final Exam – 20% of overall grade
Grading Policy
Tests: All tests will be announced at least two days in advance. Occasionally, tests will be given on  
Quizzes: Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.  Notes are allowed on most quizzes and will cover the most recent section. Occasionally, a quiz will be given on 
Class Work: CW is done during class with notes.  Occasionally, the assignment is done with a partner or a group. CW will be graded on effort not on correctness. You will receive a 100 if you try all of the problems and show your work, a 50 if you attempt ½ the problems with all work shown, and a 50 for all work with showing no work, or a 0 for not attempting any of the problems.
Homework:  We will have homework occasionally.  I may not check it every day-but you are responsible for having it. I will grade it on effort not on correctness.  You will receive a 100 if you try all of the problems and show your work, a 50 for ½ attempted with showing your work to each problem, a 50 for all work and shown no work, or a 0 for not doing any of the homework problems.  I do not accept late homework assignments.  

Bell Work: BW is done during the first 5-10 minutes of class. It will consist of scaffolding material from pervious tasks. BW will be graded on effort not on correctness. You will receive a 100 if you try all of the problems and show your work, a 50 if you attempt ½ the problems with all work shown to each problem, a 50 for doing it all and showing no work, or a 0 for not attempting any of the problems. 

School Connects will notify parents about tardiness and absences from the classroom.  Parent Portal will show updated grades within every five days of each quiz or test given. Students receive progress reports every few weeks during advisory.
1. Be on time
2. Be prepared
3. Be respectful
4. No eating or drinking in class
5. Following DCSD Disciple Codebook 

1. Warning 
2. 2nd Warning and Parent Contact
3. Referral 
A student is considered tardy if they miss less than 15 minutes of instructional time, and absent if they miss more than 15 minutes. 
Consequences for Tardy Policy: 
1st: Warning 
2nd: Parental Contact
3rd – 5th: Parental Contact 
              Sunset School
6th or more:  Discipline Referral

Students must have a Hartsville High 17-18 picture issued ID on their person at all times. 
If you do not have a school issued ID with a current picture on the ID: 
1. Purchase a new one before 7:50 am in the attendance office
2. Receive a temporary ID and be assigned Sunset School. After Five Sunset Schools you will receive a failure to comply referral.  
All students are to follow DCSD dress code and food and drink policy. 
Consequences for Dress Code: Violators of the dress code will be assigned Sunset School. 
After five Sunset School’s you will receive a Failure to Comply referral.

All students may use Cell phones and all other personal electronic devices that are not school issues in GREEN ZONES during the allotted times set by HHS. Any Cell phone or other personal electronic devices must be on silent, turned off, or on vibrate in all RED ZONES. Please refer to the HHS/ DCSD revised cell phone policy for consequences and further information. 

Tardiness – Students should be in the classroom before the tardy bell rings. 
Sharpening pencil- Students should sharpen pencils before class begins.  If you need to sharpen a pencil during instructional time, please wait until I stop talking.  Only one person is allowed at the pencil sharpener at a time during class time.  If you don’t have a pencil you must borrow one or you can buy a pencil for 25₡ from me. 
Taking Roll & Bell Work – While I check attendance all students should be in their assigned seat working on bell work.  I will also check for homework, IDs, and dress code violations at this time. 
Bathroom – Unless it is an emergency, only ask to go the bathroom at the beginning and end of class.  
Trash- All trash should be held until the end of class.  Do not crumple paper during class.
Cell phones- All cell phones must be in your bag or pocket
Technology- All laptops must be in your bag unless instructed to have them out 


Student’s Signature   Date

Parent/Guardian’s Signature   Date