School Counseling Department


 HHS School Counseling Department
Phone: 843.857.3710
Fax: 843.857.3847





 Mrs. Sandra Gaskins
A-G Students & OccuPrep 

 Mrs. Deanne Frye
H-R Students  

 Mrs. Amy Griggs
S-Z Students &
IB Students 

 Mr. Ahmad Stephens
  1st Time 9th Graders









Ms Orlowski 

Guidance Secretary

 Mrs. Selena McDonald

 Mrs. Sara Orlowski
Career Specialist

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Our Mission
The mission of the HHS School Counseling Department is to provide students with support that positively impacts their development in school, educational pursuits, and family life.

Our Goals
The HHS School Counseling Department helps students understand themselves better, facilitate in making educated decisions about their careers options, provides information about colleges, assists with course selection, and academic problems.

Students should schedule appointments with their counselors to discuss personal problems, academic concerns, and career preparation. Counselors are available before school, after school and during lunch. If a student needs to talk with a counselor during regular class time, they should report to their regular scheduled class and obtain a pass from their teacher.

Every student is assigned a counselor who will follow them through graduation.