Graduation Requirements and Promotion Policy

Graduation Requirements

Subject Area Units Required
Language Arts 4 units
Mathematics 4 units
Natural Sciences 3 units
U.S. History 1 unit
Government & Economics 1 unit
Computer Science 1 unit
Social Studies Elective 1 unit
Physical Education or ROTC 1 unit
Foreign Language or
CATE (Career & Technical Education)
1 unit
Electives 7 units
Total 24 units

Promotion Policy
In order to comply with state law and to ensure continuous and appropriate progress through Grades 9 through 12, the Darlington County School Board has established Administrative Rule IKE-R attached to the district's Promotion and Retention Policy.  In Grades 9 through 12, in order to be eligible for promotion to the next grade classification, students must have earned minimum number of units, as specified below:

From Grade 9 to Grade 10:
 - Must pass English in the ninth grade
 - Must pass Math in the ninth grade
 - Must have a total of five (5) units           

From Grade 10 to Grade 11:
 - Must pass English in the tenth grade
 - Must pass Math in the tenth grade
 - Must have a total of eleven (11) units    

From Grade 11 to Grade 12:
 - Must pass English in the eleventh grade
 - Must pass Math in the eleventh grade
 - Must have a total of seventeen (17) units

Grade 12:
 - Must be enrolled in English and Math

 Graduation Policy
1.     All requirements must be met in order for a student to receive a diploma.
2.     With the approval of the principal, a certificate may be issued when a student has been in attendance 12 years but has not completed diploma requirement or has not passed all three sections of the S.C. Exit Exam.
3.     A student must be enrolled and in regular attendance the last semester of his/her senior year to participate in the graduation exercise.
4.     A student may plan to participate in graduation exercises only if he/she has met diploma requirements or is within one (1) unit of meeting the requirements.
.    A student may participate in graduation exercises only once.