Mrs. Wardie Sanders


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
- William Butler Yeats

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Welcome to Flight 402 (US Honors) and to the IB Expedition (Senior Level)! All of you are in for a wild and crazy time while exploring topics in history.
I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take your child on a journey through the United States. Using the South Carolina US History Curriculum Standards as our foundation, our busy takeoff will begin with the colonial period.  As suggested by the standards, the class will only spend one month covering 1607-1865.  The rest of the semester will be spent uncovering the mysteries of the 1870s through the 1990s.

 All students will take the state End-of-Course exam in May.  This exam is extremely important and will count as your student’s spring term exam grade (20%).  We will spend the entire year preparing for this examI have high expectations for the class and look forward to the students producing quality work.


Our class is a mixture of traditional and nontraditional teaching. Reading and writing will be a focus for many of our activities, both of which are the foundation upon which we learn.  I look forward to helping your student become a better and more experienced reader and writer.  Instead of taking lecture notes every day, our classroom is also student-centered. Students actually step into shoes of historical characters and events and experience the passion of the times. Activities that allow for firsthand experiences will internalize learning for our students and hopefully create lifelong learners.  William Butler Yeats once wrote, “Teaching is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”  I am trying to ignite my students’ passion for learning by creating exciting and meaningful activities!

 The communication lines are always open within my classroom and I welcome parent involvement!  During the course of the term, you will receive a newsletter featuring student work from our classroom.  Please know that you are ALWAYS welcome to visit and see your child at work.



B.A.,Converse College
AP United States History Certified, The Citadel
IB trained in History of the Americas, Level I and II
NBCT AYA/Social Studies-History
Teaching at HHS since 1984

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